All the drinks in The Sun Also Rises

I finished reading  Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises today and by the end of the book was really distracted by the number of alcoholic beverages that Jake was consuming. It’s understandable — war veteran, likely impotent,  repeatedly heartbroken by Lady Ashley …. it might take a few bottles of this or that to serve as a buffer between him and his disappointments. He drinks 3 martinis and orders 5 bottles of wine (and drinks at least 3 of those) in the last 2 pages of the book.

The following are the types of drinks that Jake ordered, poured, drank, or finished during the several weeks of travel between Paris and Spain:

  • fine a l’eau (brandy with water)
  • whiskey and soda
  • pernod
  • various unidentified wines
  • “the liqueurs”
  • beer
  • congac
  • brandy and soda
  • Jack Rose
  • port
  • brandy
  • champagne
  • “a drink,” unidentified
  • Chablis
  • wine from leather bottles
  • hot rum punch
  • vermouth
  • sherry
  • Fundador (brandy)
  • absinthe
  • vieux marc
  • martinis
  • rioja alta