Biblio Is Back

It has been a while. A shamefully long while, but other intellectual and career-related pursuits have kept me busy since August, and frankly, I haven’t been out much to try to catch people reading books.

Fortunately for the world, the Instagram account Hot Dudes Reading takes checking out other people’s books to another level. It collects images of “hot dudes” reading books — actual books, not electronic devices — in public spaces, mostly subway trains.  The account is a good bit of fun.


(Let’s be clear that Bibliovoyeur was never intended to catch “hot dudes” in the act of reading. If that were the case, I would have cheerfully posted a steady stream of pictures of my hubby with his books.)

Let’s face it: Hot Dudes Reading is more about the dudes than the reading. The core question for bibliovoyeurs, thus, remains unanswered: What are they reading? Why? Hot Dudes Reading only hints at that spark of interest generated when a book is in the hands of a stranger — the spark triggered by what is essentially a romance between the reader and the book: How did they come to be together? How long have they been together? Are they together for the right reasons? Will they make it [to the end of the book]?

Still, Hot Dudes Reading is a lot of fun, fueled by the creativity of its author(s) and the brief but vividly-imagined and hilarious captions accompanying the photos — which occasionally incorporate references to the actual book. Consider it a bit of a candy snack to keep you sated between nutritious and filling posts by this  beleaguered Biblio.

A hot dude reading.
A hot dude reading. You can rest your stovepipe hat on my bookshelf anytime.


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