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Dad Is Fat
4 of 5 stars
Gaffigan captures all those wacky moments of parenting that we grumble about, and made me laugh about it. My favorite chapters were 1) his explanation of how he and his wife put their 5 kids to bed in a 2-bedroom apartment, and 2) their …
Forty-one False Starts: Essays on Artists and Writers
3 of 5 stars
I don’t think I could call Malcolm one of my favorite writers (this is the first book of hers that I’ve read), and I don’t really like her style (humorless, matter-of-fact, a bit bland) but it was a good exercise to see good literary (an…
A Matter of Class
4 of 5 stars
The book started out with several pages packed with typical Regency romance clich├ęs but I’m glad I kept reading. This ended up being an unexpectedly charming and fast-paced story (I finished it in one sitting!) with some non-traditional …

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